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Charge: A Third Attack Type





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Charge: A Third Attack Type

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Zems has two attack types: Melee and Ranged. Within the Melee type there is a group of follower units with the text ‘Moves to melee range when attacking during your turn.’ The idea was some melee units were to be a ‘hybrid’ between melee and ranged. However, the ability text describing such units is unclear and often evoked new player questions.

Following an internal discussion, we’ve decided to give this subclass its own attack type called Charge. Current cards that will be affected by it are:

  • Terrorhound
  • Irulian Knight

We’re also changing the text of Vigilance from ‘Melee followers currently in play may attack unlimited times this turn’ to ‘Melee and charge followers currently in play may attack unlimited times this turn.’ This preserves the unique interaction between Vigilance and charge units.

This new attack type also opens up new design space moving forward. We can now reference ‘charge followers’ as a type for unit, spell, and construct abilities without needing to consider melee followers that might be affected.

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