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Game Loading Screen for Zems Demo





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Game Loading Screen for Zems Demo

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Zems Demo?

It’s been awhile since I last updated the development blog, so I’ll bring you up to date really quickly.

First, we have a playable demo in the works that is scheduled for this August. Note that this is not a public beta or open alpha – it is simply a playable demo. In game development, alpha is generally used to denote the first feature-complete version of the game. Beta is usually a fully playable finished version that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. This is why many game developers have public betas – it gives them a chance to receive early consumer feedback and fix any last-minute bugs or make tweaks before launch.

The first demo will feature 10 cards in a 30-card deck, or 3 copies of each card. The deck in the demo will not be customizable. However, each card chosen for the demo is intended to showcase a different feature or unique ability so a variety of playing styles will be supported. I’ll post more information on the ten cards chosen when we get closer to public release.

Eventual Kickstarter

We intend to eventually have a Kickstarter campaign to raise more funds for Zems. Most of the funds will be used to bring on board a composer for the project and finish up the artwork, but it will be great for publicity as well. We intend to launch the campaign after a playable demo is released.

I’ll release more information on the Kickstarter and the various rewards once we get closer to campaign launch.

Game Loading Screen

For now, here’s an update on the game loading screen for the Zems Demo. It allows both players to select a Player Power to play the game.

Game Loading Screen

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