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Zems Demo Update – June 21, 2012





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Zems Demo Update – June 21, 2012

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More updates this week!

Chat Room

The chat room design is now fully integrated.


Notification System

Below, you can see the notification a player gets when a challenge is issued.

Challenge issued notification

Hover Over Card In Hand

We now have an elaborate animation when you hover over a card in your hand. We’re still working on nailing the timing, but visually it’s where we want it.

Hovering over a card in the hand

Creature Attacking

This was shown in the previous update. Visually, there isn’t anything different (the card turns sideways), but now it happens in less time, so the animation is more ‘snappy’.

Creature is attacking

Creature Killed

Not much new here compared to the last update. A creature is killed and sent to the graveyard.

Creature killed and sent to graveyard

Shrine Positioning Change

You’ll notice shrines are now diagonal from each other as compared to the last update in which they faced across each other. The main reasoning behind diagonal vs. across is board utilization. If both shrines faced each other, there would be little incentive to use the other half of the board where there are no shrines to attack. By placing the initial shrines diagonal from each other, additional shrines and creatures played to the field will gravitate towards the center of the board, thus allowing the entire board to be effectively used.

Combat System Change

There is a change to the overall game rules I have made this week, and it concerns the combat system. Previously, if two creatures engaged in battle then the blocker’s combat value would be subtracted from the attacker’s combat value and the difference would decide whether the attacker or blocker took damage.

Now, however, the combat system causes mutual damage to be dealt to both attacker and blocker. This means the attacking creature will always deal its full combat damage to the blocker, and the blocker will deal its full combat damage back to the attacker. Part of the reasoning is that if two creatures engage each other, both will hurt each other. The stronger one will win, yes, but that doesn’t mean the weaker creature will never hurt the stronger one. This new system portrays combat much more realistically.

August Release

We’re still on track for a release in August. Right now, I’m not entirely sure whether the release will occur in early or late August. I am confident there will be a release that month, but there are a lot of special effects I want implemented that may not be completed by the end of July. Regardless, we are making substantial progress, so stay tuned for more updates!

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    AUTHOR Vincent

    Posted on 1:16 AM June 22, 2012.

    Nice hope all goes well! Looking forward to trying it out.

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