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Zems Demo Update – June 6, 2012





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Zems Demo Update – June 6, 2012

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We are still on track for release of a playable demo in August. This update shows what we have at the moment. The game is in a playable state, but it is extremely buggy and lots of adjustments have to be made. Below are some screenshots of the Zems Demo as of right now.

Chat Room

This is the screen you see after logging in. We have an elaborate design for the chatroom, but it currently isn’t implemented so there is only a black background for now.

After challenging someone to a game, they get a notification where they can accept or decline the game invite:

These screens might be hard to see because of the black background, but once we have the chatroom design integrated this will no longer be an issue.


The gameplay screens are integrated although the gameplay itself is still currently buggy and undergoing heavy adjustments.

At the very beginning of the game is the option to mulligan:

When both players click the End Phase button, the preparation phase ends. From there, the first turn begins. Below is the options that appear after you select a card in your hand:

When a creature is played to the field, the controller must select a zone to play it in:

If a creature on the field is moved, its controller selects a zone to move to:

When a creature is committed, it turns sideways:

This Is Not A Beta

I just want to clarify that the Zems Demo is not a beta for Zems. Betas are feature-complete versions of a game that have not been stress tested and fully ready for launch (hence why some game companies have closed and open betas). The full Zems game will feature much more than this demo does. For now, the demo can be considered a proof-of-concept or prototype of the gameplay we intend to have in the final game. This being said, we are putting in as much effort as possible to make the demo feel like a complete game by itself. We have high expectations for this demo, and there is a lot to get done by August but I am confident we will get there. Stay tuned!

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