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Q1 2016 Updates

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Q1 2016 Updates


These changes will be implemented in the first quarter of 2016.

New Main Menu

The featured image at the top shows a preview of what our new main menu will look like. We don’t have an ETA on its implementation. We are working on adding animated visual effects and these could take time.


Rearrange Cards In Hand

Players will be able to click-and-drag to rearrange cards in hand. Players will still need to click (not click and hold) cards to play them.


Support Multiple Aspect Ratios

The game will be playable on aspect ratios other than 16:9 and the game client will no longer lock to a 16:9 ratio.


Performance Improvements

The game engine has upgraded from using OpenGL 2 to OpenGL 4, which brings slight performance improvements on modern hardware.


Independent ‘End of Game’ Screens

Players will now exit the game only after clicking the ‘Exit’ button on the Victory/Defeat/Draw screens (previously the game would close for both players if either player clicked the ‘Exit’ button).

Players who concede will now see the ‘Defeat’ screen and the winner will see the ‘Victory’ screen instead of being thrown back to the main menu.


Mulligan Guarantees Different Cards

Players will no longer be able to receive a card they have mulliganed away. For example, if you mull away a Gustbringer you will not be able to receive a Gustbringer when you resolve the mulligan.


Green Cards

Green cards and heroes will slowly be added to the game. We expect all green cards to be in the game before we enter closed beta.

Currently we have no ETA on these updates but are confident they will be done in the first quarter of this year.


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