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The State of Zems 2013

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Zems Is Not Dead

I apologize for the lack of updates on this blog since mid-2012. This blog is entirely a one-man show at the moment, and I have a personal blog I post more often on.

Zems is currently on hold. No game development is being done right now, and it is likely development won’t pick up again until late 2014. I’m sorry about this, but I am in a critical stage of my life right now and do not have the resources to devote to development.

Progress In Other Areas

There are a number of Zems-related activities still going on. Artwork is still being created for the game, proposed cards are still being revised and fleshed out, and the game design itself is evolving to better suit current standards.

Since the first draft of the Zems Design Document in 2010, a number of online card games are either now in beta or fully playable. I have been following many online CCGs, participated in closed and open betas, and am taking notes of progress and feedback from the playerbase. The Zems Design Document is now half-research paper, half-design guide. The goal is once Zems development resumes, there will be a number of lessons learned from these games to make sure we have a smooth transition from alpha to beta to release.

For specifics, here are the games I am playing:

There are a number of others I have dabbled with but no longer play, such as Scrolls. With limited time, I can only keep up with a certain number, although I do my best to follow each.

Zems Subreddit

I’ve established an official subreddit for Zems: http://reddit.com/r/zems

It is largely unpopulated right now and is mostly just a place to post various thoughts on game design and share updates (along with Facebook). If you are interested in following Zems in a non-Facebook related way, I recommend subscribing.

What’s Next

The Zems Design Guide has undergone a large number of changes since its inception. Because of this, an earlier blog post I made here titled The Game Design of Zems is no longer entirely accurate with regards to the game rules. I’ll be posting an update on how the game rules have evolved over time and the lessons I’ve taken from playing and watching other card games.

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