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Zems Alpha Build 0.01

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Our Ludum Dare 29 entry was riddled with complexities and complaints. In my previous post, I talked about the changes we planned on making to simplify the game and also introduce variance to increase the fun factor. We have since added the changes I discussed. While our ludum dare entry could be considered our first alpha build, for the sake of official releases on here, we will consider this newest build our first alpha and our LD entry a separate build.

Changelog – 05/09/2014

  • ‘Get Card’ has been changed to ‘Draw Card’.

We believed lack of variance does not make for an exciting game but instead repetitive ones.

  • Zems should persist from turn to turn instead of emptying at end of turn.

The action system didn’t make much sense with zems not persisting, since it made players feel like they had only 2 actions per turn.

  • Change Brawl to have 2 random creatures fight each other.

This adds fun variance to the game. You won’t want to cast Brawl when you’re far ahead, but when you’re behind, it can be a very exciting card.

  • Fix Spectralist ability to last until end of turn.

This is how it was supposed to work in the LD build, but we weren’t able to add the ‘end of turn’ aspect in time.

  • Remove shrines completely.

Shrines were a holdover from the game lore and the original concept. In our LD build, people complained that it added unneeded complexity, which I agree with. It has been removed and the game should be simpler to understand.

  • Change ‘Get Zems’ to ‘Gain 1 Zem’.

Since we’ve removed shrines, getting zems will always equate to getting 1 zem. One of the problems in the original LD build is that lower-cost cards were outclassed very quickly as shrine rate increased. By changing the net value of an action point to always equal 1 zem, we make lower-cost cards much more important while giving ourselves room to increase the power level of higher-cost cards to make them feel superior and worth investing in.

  • Elementalist ability should only damage first enemy in target diagonal.

Being able to damage all enemies in a line was overpowered, since part of the reason why Defender exists is because he can block abilities and creature attacks from hitting a Hero.

  • Set max hand size to 7.

We felt that drawing cards and having them go off the screen is problematic, so we’ve capped the hand size.

  • Bugfix: If the AI attacks with a ranged creature and kills an allied creature, it also deals that damage to the creature/Hero behind the killed creature.
  • Bugfix: If a card is returned with Flashback Summoner, that card is still in the graveyard and all the player gets is a copy of it added to hand (should remove the card from the grave).
  • Bugfix: Turn off in-game buttons and commands when game is over.


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