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Zems Demo Update – July 06, 2012

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This past week has been full of progress. The combat system has been changed (read this entry for more information) and lots of new gameplay additions have been implemented in order to help smooth out the user experience.

Login Screen

We now have a login screen!


Player Turn Highlighting

One of the issues brought up during development was, how do we know whose turn it is? Our solution was to add a highlighted border around the player panel to indicate whose turn it is. In addition, if it is not your turn, your ‘End Phase’ and player power button will remain grayed out so you know you cannot use them.


Phase Change Notification

We already have a phase indicator in the upper right that tells what phase the game is on at any particular time, but we felt the process of moving from phase to phase could be more streamlined so that the player is made aware when the phase changes without having to watch the phase indicator. Our solution was to use the notification system we already had in place for alerts to also indicate the phase has changed.


In-Game Chat

A card game is a very social affair, and we don’t want to remove that aspect simply because our game happens to be conducted online. We’ve added in-game chat functionality that allows you to chat with your opponent, plus a tab that allows you to see and chat with people in the main chat lobby.


Board Special Effects

I can’t really show this in a screenshot so you’ll have to take my word on this one, but we’ve added two board special effects to enrich the player experience: ladybug and leaves animations! This means that during a game, the ladybug on the table will walk around and the leaves will move every now and then. It adds a nice touch in-game and is quite cool to see, but sadly you’ll have to wait until you can play the demo before you can actually experience it!

Still To Do

We have a long list of bugs to fix and things to do. Right now the demo does not use actual cards – we haven’t gotten around to implementing the real cards just yet. In addition, invocations are not currently implemented at all, so there’s still work and testing to do there. However, I am very happy with our progress so far and I am quite confident we will still be able to bring this to the public in August.

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